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DashBox is our another great product from us. It gives you the ability to replace the traditional instrument cluster with an android device and freely create your own screen that has dreamed about or downloading high-end, high quality photo realistic RealDash dashboards from the Google Play Store! The device is designed for use with the existing electrical system of the car, from which it retrieves, for example, data from indicators and meters and send it to tablet device via Bluetooth.


DashBox properties:

-8 Analog inputs. (2x 0-18V, 2x 0-5V, 4x sensor or switches inputs with internal pull up voltage)

-Sensor supply voltage +5V and ground wiring from connector.

-7 Digital inputs for signal lights and switches. (0-18V)

-RPM in from coil - or ecu.

-Can Bus support. Easy to configure any aftermarket ecu with can bus! (Megasquirt 3 support ready!)

-Bluetooth connection for tablet device.

-Include wiring harness for car connection.

-Price: 375€ including VAT.