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PDSX-1, Power Distribution Module X-1 is our first product. It has two units, Master and Slave.

Master is main unit and have many great and easy to use features like Input/Output configuration through RealDash software, Android device and Bluetooth. No fuses or relays inside! The electronics will monitor the power and cut it off if needed. Over current and short circuit cut off.

Slave is expansion unit and have analog input for sensors and power outputs for devices. Normal car configuration takes 1 Master and 2 Slaves. Master under dashboard where the switches are connected. 1 Slave to front and 1 Slave to rear of the car.

For example driving lights. 1 output for left low beam and 1 for right. If You have short circuit for another You  don´t loose them both! Just for safety...

Smaller assemblies can handle fewer devices.








PDSX-1 Master contains the following features:

 -16 Inputs for switches (5 can be use as analog sensor input)

-16 Virtual switches with RealDash software.

-12 Outputs for devices. (4x10A, 8x8A) Max. recommended continuous current rating 50A/unit. Peak over 100A.

-Ready configurations for turn signals, US brake lights and hazard lights. Signal lights straight to tablet device.

 -Bluetooth connection for Android device and RealDash software.

-Data bus to connect Slave units. (currently 5 supported simultaneous)

-High quality enclosures and connectors.

-The device is supplied with connector and pins.

-Price: 600€ including VAT. 

Ask wiring harness for device and Your needs!


PDSX-1 Slave features:

 -5 Analog inputs for sensors or switches. (data can be shown at RealDash software)

-12 Outputs for devices. (4x10A, 8x8A) Max. continuous recommended current rating 50A/unit. Peak 100A.

-5 devices supported with one Master box.

-High quality enclosures and connectors.

-The device is supplied with connector, pins and the data bus cable.

-Price: 450€ including VAT.

Ask wiring harness for device and Your needs!