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PDSX-2PDSX-2PDSX-2 is our new Power Distribution Unit. Only the look is the same but everything else is new. It have powerful 32bit microprocessor keeping inputs and outputs controlled. All new User Interface. Can bus, USB and Bluetooth connection for data transfer. 

PDSX-2 main features:

-16 inputs and 16 outputs for switches and load.

-4pcs 0-18V analog inputs.

-User selectable output current and cut off functions for all outputs.

-User selectable push button/toggle switch inputs.

-AND/OR/NOT-functions for inputs.

-ON/OFF/FAULT-information can be send to can bus with freely selectable message.

-All inputs can be controlled with switch or can bus and can have mixed function also.

-Several units can be connected via can bus for one if needed more outputs.

-PC User Interface connected via USB.

-Firmware update via USB.


Coming soon.

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