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17.7.2019 PDSX-1 is now 24v tolerant. 

PDSX-1 can now been used with most of the machines and systems. With the new design it is 24V tolerant and product power consumption is lowered over 50%!! New 24V system can be used in heavy machinery, boats, summer cottages with solar systems etc etc etc. If You need easy system to add and use take contact to us.

14.8.2019 DashBox is back in stock with reduced price!!

DashBox is back and now pricing is reduced! Price is lowered to 249€. All same great features now in very low price. If You need to get Your data to RealDash app this is what You need!

1.9.2019 Protoparts now handles overseas shipments

Protoparts is official retailer for SP Leinonen products and will handle all international shipping. This means to customer lower shipping cost, up to date web shop, many payment options and DHL parcel services. Go to see they web page. There is lots of stuff for sale in very reasonable prices!